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Zero Dairy, Zero Sugar Added Ice Cream Franchising

Yolé presents a unique and delicious franchise opportunity. Whether ...

Spooky Macaroon Madness: A Month of Halloween Treats

In honor of Halloween, the spookiest and one of the most enjoyable ...

Invest in Yole: Where Flavor Meets Opportunity

Yolé's global expansion has been impressive, with a presence in 10 ...

Churning Excellence: Yole's Ice Cream Evolution

Yolé sets itself apart through three core values: taste, health ...

Yolé's Colorful Canvas Contest: Paint Your Way to a Teddy Bear!

In August, Yolé hosted an endearing campaign in Singapore ...

Own a Piece of Yolé: Unlock the Franchise Opportunity

If you're in search of a soft-serve ice cream franchise not only caters ...

Sustainable Swirls: Yolé's New Vegan Toppings for a Brighter Tomorrow

Over the years, Yolé has continuously ...

Yolé's Ongoing Success: 17th Malaysian Store Opens at Melawati Mall

Yolé is thrilled to announce the grand opening of our 17th store in Malaysia! ...

Yole's Success: How a Zero Sugar Added Approach Impacts Taste & Health

Yolé stands out as a truly unique brand, ...

Sweet 16! Yole Newest Store Opens at Sunway Carnival, Malaysia

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of the opening of our Sweet ...

Egypt's Ice Cream Craze Continues: Yole Unveils New Store in Cairo!

Introduce Yole Ice Cream as an established brand in Spain ...

Frozen Delights Arrive in Brunei: Yole Ice Cream's Fourth Store Now Open!

Introduce Yole Ice Cream as an established brand in Spain ...

From Spain with Love: Yolé Launches its First Store in Chile

Yolé known as the innovative ice cream brand, is making headlines ...

Rolling in Style: Yole's Chic & Trendy Food Truck in Spain

Yolé, the established ice cream brand, is making waves in Spain ...

Step into a Healthier Lifestyle: Yole's Fitbit Giveaway in Singapore

Yolé, the ultimate destination for delightful treats, was thrilled to ...

Unleashing Yole's Magic in Egypt: Unforgettable Grand Launch

Yolé, the zero-sugar added ice cream brand, has been welcomed ...

Ice Cream Franchise: Your Best Business Move!

Why Starting an Ice Cream Franchise Might Be Your Best Business Move

A Delicious Twist to Keep You on Track with Your Fitness Goals

Yolé : A Delicious Twist to Keep You on Track with Your Fitness Goals

Oat Milk Ice Cream: Creamy Goodness Unleashed

Discover the Creamy Goodness: Why Oat Milk Ice Cream should be your choice

Master Franchise Opportunities in the World

Yolé is an international ice cream company that is expanding globally

Yolé: Trailblazing Healthier Ice Cream with ZERO Sugar

Yolé is continuing to trailblaze the ice cream industry. Now with ...

Yolé's Vegan Delight: Creamy Oat Milk Ice Cream

Yolé, the international ice cream brand, has finally released ...

Is Sugar Free Ice Cream Healthy

Companies making traditional ice cream add a lot of cane sugar to sweeten ...

Everything You Need to Know About Vegan Ice Cream

Ice cream brands everywhere are trying to innovate a product that is edible ...

Sugar Free Franchise Brand

Yolé is an ice cream brand like you´ve never seen before. With its omni...

Tasting Life with Zero Sugar Added Dessert

Looking for a way to satisfy your cravings without the extra calories and sugar? ...

The Best Franchise Opportunity

The ice cream industry is going through a drastic change, and people looking ...

The Boom of Vegan Ice Cream

With the vegan ice cream market having a predicted growth of 6% ...

Dairy Free Ice Cream: A Healthy Choice

New plant-based eating trends have been taking over food consumption ...

Spread the Joy with These Holiday Themed Gift Cards

The Perfect Gift this Christmas Season Yolé has released holiday-themed ...

Watch the Yolé Magic Come to Life with AR!

Yolé is staying ahead of technological trends, this time with augmented ...

Why Yolé Chose Oat Milk for their Dairy Free Ice Cream

As people are switching their diets to more sustainable alternatives ...

Foodtech Franchise Opportunities at Yolé, Checkout Now!

Yolé offers many possibilities for growth within their company. A franchise ...

Yolé vs Sugar Free Brands, Let's find out more!

Yolé´s formula of soft-serve and zero-added sugar ice cream is unlike any ...

Enjoy Your Yolé, Start to Finish, With New Edible Cutlery

The famous foodtech, Yolé, is betting on more sustainable cutlery solutions

New Openings: Three New Yolé Stores

New openings of three new yolé stores in March 2022

Halal Certification

Yolé receives Halal Certification for the Spanish ice cream brand.

Yolé´s Year End Review

Yolé is finishing 2021 with a presence in 9 countries with 17 new stores.

Hello Malaysia

Welcome to the Yolé family

Hello Brunei

First store opening in Brunei

Hello United Kingdom

New store in chinatown.

Hello Zaragoza

Yolé inaugurates a new food truck in "el Corte Inglés" of zaragoza

Yolé Continues To Grow And Arrives In Malaga

The ice cream revolution comes to Malaga

New Bubble Waffle

Freshly made no sugar added

Hello United Kingdom

The ice cream revolution comes to London

Yolé Arrives In Spain

First store opening in Ibiza

Full Of Flavour

Variety of tasty flavours and delicious toppings

Have a Sweetooth?

A healthy dessert for your sweet cravings

Yolé No Sugar Added Arrives In Portugal

The growing brand of ice cream and frozen yogurt comes to Portugal!

Yolé Flagship Store in Singapore

Worlds 1st brand of no sugar added soft ice cream and frozen yogurt

Yolé Finishes 2020 Successfully

Despite Covid restrictions, our diverse products have allowed us to grow.

Continuing Its Global Expansion

Yole has opened two new outlets in Cambodia and Singapore​

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